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Welcome to Red Sandal Tours, where we open your eyes to the world via our fun, unique, cultural and educational trips. During our trips you will enjoy an unparallel perspective into a country's history and culture through its architecture, cuisine, clothing and customs, as well as relax and be pampered. Each trip is led by both a US-based and local-based guide and we purposely limit the groups to 10 people to ensure that you receive our maximum attention. 

Red Sandal Tours is the marketing name for Maame Koranchee’s LLC, which was formed in 2003. The inspiration for the company’s name and logo is derived from the association of “travelling” or “going places” with sandals, which is the most ubiquitous footwear found throughout the world.  While sandals are symbolic and reminiscent of exotic places in the West, it is often the only footwear that both the rich and poor wear in developing nations.

Thank you for visiting us and Akwaaba as they say in Ghana!

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Red Sandal Tours provides unique cultural and educational trips to Brazil, India,  Ghana and the Gullah Islands in our effort to Opening Your Eyes to the WorldClick here to read the article.

To get to know a country, you must have direct contact with the earth.

-- Albert Einstein

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Whether you travel with us or not, you can enjoy the treasures of our global community via artwork, clothing,  ornamental pieces and objets d’art. Browse our shop for more offering and order your custom made MansaWear clothing or house wares.  Our MansaWear apparel seamlessly blends Ghanaian and Western couture for a unique, yet classic look. It is elegant and stylish custom-made, cosmopolitan clothing for the busy, professional woman with a discriminating fashion sense. It’s for the fashion conscious woman who needs to stand out at any occasion--church, family and class reunions and charity events.